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Wallstrophobia is an arcade-themed strategy game based around placing walls that both kill enemies and get in your way. You have to think carefully, plan out your moves, and be wary of the ever-increasing horde of monsters that appear out of thin air.  Be sure to post your highest score in the comments, and to give us a rating! (If you're curious, the dev high scores are 35 and 41, and the high score of all time is 135, by clarkwu.

Hey! Thank you for choosing to play our game! This is Gavin Pow, the deliriously tired lead game designer for Wallstrophobia, here to tell you more about the game. This game was made for the GMTK Game Jam, and was made in 48 hours. It had to fit the theme of “only one.” We chose to fit the theme by having only one ability and one screen. (also everything one-hit kills you.) We hope you enjoy this game as much as we enjoyed making it. We are planning on making a few updates to this game once the jam finishes, so stay tuned!


Place wall (Space bar): places a wall in the highlighted grid spot.

Highlight (WASD): changes which direction is highlighted. The highlighter is the red square next to the player.

Move (Arrow keys): moves the player one grid spot.

Restart (R): resets the game, for if you get stuck

When an enemy touches you, you die.


Potator: looks like a potato with legs. it will try to walk to you, but is easily thwarted with a wall.

Gahst: is the same as a Potator but it can walk through walls. be careful, because when it is in a wall, it can be hard to spot! 

Bombken: Moves like a Potator, but if you get to close to it, it'll explode and destroy all walls and enemies in an 1-block radius around it. (Side note: I now hate the Bombken because it very nearly destroyed the whole game a half hour before finish.)

The Team:

Gavin Pow (AKA MasterPow): Lead designer, animator, @Master_Pow_ (Twitter)

Robby Sammelson (AKA PiGuy2): Lead programmer

About the Team:

We are a two-person team of high schoolers. This is our first complete game, and our first time ever competing in a game jam.

Asset Credits:

Game theme:  "A Journey Awaits" by Pierre Bondoerffer (@pbondoer)

Sound Effects:

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